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    Meet the mobile vet going the extra mile to tackle pet distress

    Equipped with almost two decades of veterinary expertise and a mission to provide humane care right in the homes of animals, highly skilled veterinarian Luke Ainsworth has converted a standard van into a fully functional medical facility.

    My Visit Vet provides pet owners in Manchester and Cheshire with a unique service by offering 90% of the services offered by traditional practices, including consultations, vaccinations, surgeries, and compassionate end-of-life care. Luke’s distinctive veterinary van is furnished with x-ray, lab, and anaesthetic equipment.

    Luke Ainsworth, the founder of My Visit Vet, has been a veterinarian in the UK and Australia since 2005. He has seen firsthand the stress that a visit to the vet can cause. Additionally, he saw a rise in the demand for home visits, the advantages of which were amplified following the COVID-19 pandemic, which increased the number of pet owners who worked from home as well as the separation anxiety that pets experienced.

    In the UK, 74% of dogs exhibit behaviour suggestive of anxiety or depression, making pet anxiety a widespread issue. These problems can frequently be an obstacle to receiving veterinary care.

    Vet visits are too stressful, according to 25% of cat owners, who make up the 57% of respondents who say they do not visit the vet as frequently as they would like to. Luke wants to use My Visit Vet to solve this issue. One of his most recent success stories concerns Madin, a cat who used to get so upset about visiting the veterinarian that she would throw up. Thanks to My Visit Vet, this patient has been able to calmly receive her monthly arthritis injections in the comfort of her own home.

    My Visit Vet, which has been travelling for the past few months, will begin providing their whole range of services in January 2024.

    Meet the mobile vet going the extra mile to tackle pet distress
    Meet the mobile vet going the extra mile to tackle pet distress

    Working alongside Nurse Mel Evans and Receptionist Amy Lee, Luke is excited for the journey ahead. He said: 

    I’m delighted to finally be getting My Visit Vet on the road! I’ve been wanting to open a mobile vet clinic for a few years now, so it feels amazing to finally be making it a reality. 

    I’ve seen first-hand the benefits this type of veterinary care can bring when it comes to reducing stress in patients, and I’m proud to provide an unrushed, personalised service like no other to pets in Manchester and Cheshire. Our service is ideal for busy or less mobile owners, as well as animals who find vet visits distressing. We put our love for pets and owners right at the heart of everything we do!”

    The impressive transformation of the Fiat Ducato cost £30,000.

    My Visit Vet is providing clients with the free after-hours service Vidivet for added peace of mind. Pet owners can access a vet via the app at any time of day or night.

    More information can be found on the website.

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